4 Lethal Enemies to Effective Decision-making

by Mark T. Hancock · 2 comments

Whether you are contemplating an extreme course adjustment that effects the rest of your life, or you are just thinking about what to do today, you are involved in the process of decision-making.

The satisfied soul, a clear mind, clean hands, and a pure heart will give you the best atmosphere to hear and do what’s best.

In the mental health counseling world, we advise clients to “HALT” before a major decision.  HALT is an acronym for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired.  This advice carries weight in our spiritual lives as well.

Take care making a decision when you are HUNGRY. When your spiritual diet is lacking, you are likely to make a poor decision.  Take the time to feed on His Word and to satisfy yourself in His Presence.

Take care making a decision when you are ANGRY. If you have anything against anyone it is wise (it is commanded) to forgive.  Moving ahead with a decision without first checking your heart for any anger is risky business.  Not only are you in disobedience, but you are in danger of carrying this weight into whatever venture you are considering.

Take care making a decision when you are LONELY. Sometimes, instead of pressing deeper into God (because we don’t know how or may not fully trust Him), we press into a new enterprise.  We think this will fill us, when what we lack is the reality of being filled by Him.  In the Beatitudes, Jesus repeatedly pronounces people as “Blessed”.  This Greek word (μακάριος) can be translated “to be fully indwelt and satisfied by God”.  This is the state from which we should make our decisions.

Take care making a decision when you are TIRED. The process of life is tiring.  Especially in these times, where sabbath is not diligently and widely observed.  David, in the best-known Psalm talks about being led out of a position of rest.  His Shepherd makes him to lie down, then He leads him beside the still waters.  Rest precedes leading.

Are you in the midst of making a decision?  Take heed to the word “HALT”.  Then proceed.

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Christina Lusk May 17, 2010 at 10:29 am

This ministered to me. One of my favorites to date. Thanks.

Mike May 18, 2010 at 2:33 am

Thanks Mark. April and I are making some big decisions in the next few weeks and this give us some food for thought.

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