Burning the Quran? How a Shift Key Can Save the World.

by Mark T. Hancock · 4 comments

Shift your focus to the street. A crowd is gathered to rain its hatred on a great iniquity, to execute its judgment on an abomination, to right a wrong against God and against the community. Violence fills the air as the gathered burn in their passion to settle the score and to purge themselves of the stain that threatens the very fabric of the culture.

The voices of the crowd rise, a cathartic cry for justice! Judgment! Vengeance! Action! Arms raised and faces contorted, Surely we have borne all we can bear!

Shift your focus to a man standing in the middle of the angry throng. He turns slowly, soaking in the hatred, the violence, the intensity of the moment. He stoops and begins to write in the sand as though deaf to their cries. The crowd quiets.

Why isn’t he acting? Where is our release?

He rises. “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.


Shift your focus to the facts. As long as the divorce rate is higher in believers than non-believers (it is), as long as there are more abortions performed on Christian women than non-Christian (there are), as long as everything that we call our Christian duty isn’t Christlike at all (it isn’t), we have no place on the high ground.

Hatred can ooze from a religious stand when either the religion itself is inherently twisted, or when the religion is twisted to give credence to the hatred.

Shift your focus to the Truth. The Christlike stand is love. We love our enemies.

In hating the hater we become like him. In loving the hater we become like Him.

See what a difference a Shift can make?

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Danny Wallace September 11, 2010 at 1:43 pm


Great blog! Your comments on the Christian divorce rate, abortion rate, etc, are things I have often shared when speaking and sharing my life story. Until we reach the place where we pray, “Lord, change me”, instead of believing everything will be better once everyone else thinks and acts the way we see fit, nothing will change. Change, “real change” always begins with…”Lord…please change me.”

Art Lloyd September 24, 2010 at 9:44 am

Planks and specks!
So many ways the Maestro has taught it.
We’re all truly clueless. But to those who keep coming back to Him, it has been “…given to know the mysteries…”.
Oh, that every thought would come through Him.
“…but we have the mind of Christ…”!
Oh what grace! Yes, we do.

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