Guest Writer Danny Wallace with “Just Say the Words”

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There are so many ways to “leave the gate.”  Some involve taking a risk in a great venture to which you feel called, others are letting go of the familiar to grasp the spectacular, and some involve releasing our own personal “darkness” into God’s hands, experiencing His grace.

Author/Christian Music Artist/Speaker Danny Wallace is our guest blogger today. Watch the video to get familiar with him, and read his message.

When you lie in your bed at night with just the sound of your own heart beat standing between the illusion of who others think you are and the reality of the you that God knows all about…are you longing for the doorway to freedom? Sometimes it’s best to just say the words.

Freedom found through confession of heart, by way of the spoken word, transports a soul once bound in the dark room of Satan’s stronghold, to the grand Cathedral of God’s purifying light.

Sound complicated? In short, If you lessen the depth of your darkness, you compromise the power of His light.

The enemy abides in darkness and God is light. Quietness and secrecy, when applied to our hidden sins and transgressions, hold us prisoner to the false belief that we have everything under control. We tell ourselves there’s no need to air our dirty laundry.  If we do, people won’t love us! This is the simple lie the enemy uses to block the doorway of freedom for so many who are deeply religious, yet bound.

“You and I have it all under control,” whispers the Prince of life’s dark places.

However, God urges us to confess our sins. Is He simply asking us to become chatter bugs and humiliate ourselves by speaking the unspeakable? Of course not. God knows that the secrets buried deep within our personal closets are cancerous and destined to destroy us unless we tap into the courage to confess those secret sins, turn one hundred and eighty degrees, and walk through freedom’s door of liberating confession.

There is no need for anguish at the thought of unearthing that which you have carefully hidden, for fear you will not be loved. In sharing my own past of childhood physical and sexual abuse, as well as my walk out of homosexuality and eventual healing from AIDS…I certainly understand the fear.

However, I can assure you that the freedom waiting just around the corner of confession is like the first deep breath after being trapped under water, with only moments between surviving and drowning. Within the world of principalities and powers, saying the words, and unearthing the dark places, is one of life’s greatest miracles.

So today, whatever your secret places hold…Just say the words.

The blues will be bluer, the sunshine will rest soft and bright around you…and the miracle of freedom you have longed for will wait just beyond the door of Sweet Confession. After all, once it’s all in the light, of what will the enemy now accuse you?

Learn more about Danny Wallace and his ministry at his website.

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