His Overture

by Mark T. Hancock · 1 comment

Youth OrchestraGod is calling us, I believe, to be the most alive and fully-awake people on the planet. People who pursue our dreams, born of a destiny that He shaped when we were in our mother’s womb.

No loving parent dreams of mediocrity for their child. Neither does God have that dream for you. The very miracle of birth is the fanfare at the beginning of an orchestral adventure that is intended to bring us to a greater knowledge of our Creator and of His plan for our lives. Along the way we encounter Him in all His love and glory and, in that crescendo, we awaken to the fact that the value of our own life has been determined by the price that He paid to buy it back! How could we be so selfish as to spend that life without an all-out pursuit of Him and His purpose for us?

What is in your heart to do? What did your Creator intend for you? Launch out. Go. Cast the net on the other side. Cross over. Lift up thine eyes. Write the book. Sing the song. Enroll. Buy the ticket. Live the composition He wrote for you.

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Christina Lusk March 19, 2010 at 10:36 am

Great entry. This is the sermon I preach… Sometimes I try to shake it up a bit, but it always comes out like this. Good stuff, good stuff.

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