I’ve got this Rebuke. What do I do with it?

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I read recently, on Chip MacGregor’s blog, an expression that he attributes to the Scottish.

“Learn to unpack a rebuke.”

What a beautifully simple way to express a complex thought!

There is plenty in the wisdom of the Proverbs to help us deal with a rebuke (which, depending on whether you are the deliverer or deliveree can also be called, “constructive criticism”, “Godly counsel”, “advice”, “butting in”, “useless banter”, “correction”, “my humble opinion”, “ranting”, “foolishness”, and others), but this condensed expression can be carried pretty easily when we just can’t quite put our finger on “chapter-and-verse”.

When we weigh a rebuke we can, most often, find something meaningful that can help us. Even in the most foolish demon-inspired ignorant rebuke (these are the kinds I get) we can uncover something that will better us.   Perhaps, just by reflecting on our initial reaction, we can grow.  Asking, “Why did this bother me?” is a great place to start.

Certainly all rebukes aren’t full of happy little gems but, more often than not, there is something we can use.

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Christina Lusk October 12, 2010 at 10:18 pm

True. I have a stand very similar to the one in the photo. Been giving out a lot of refunds lately.

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