Religion, the Killer

by Mark T. Hancock · 1 comment

Old Testament law was given to instruct us in the need for redemption and to begin our journey back to partnership with God.  Blood became necessary.  A precious and perfect sacrifice was necessary.  It was a glorious demonstration of God’s grace and His desire to redeem His creation.

But the religious leaders made it a business.  THEY were the important ones.  THEY were the holy ones.  “If you want to be close to God,” they seemed to say, “you must do it through us.”

The Old Testament priests had a stranglehold on the airway that breathed life into God’s redeeming covenant with His people.  Religion will do that.

We needed a Hero to deliver us from this religious bondage into a victorious life full of the promises, purposes, and plans of God for His creation – and into a relationship with God that makes these things meaningful.

The ministry of Jesus required that He stand with one foot in the Old Covenant and one foot in the New to show us the way out of second-hand religious service into a living partnership with God.

Our service to Him is alive with His breath – His Spirit in us.  And WE show the way out of bondage as His partners in reclaiming His creation for His glory.

>Q4U:  Is your service to Him alive?

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