The Easy Yoke

by Mark T. Hancock · 0 comments

The common human weakness is to want what is right but, at the same time, to avoid the discipline that would create rightness.

If we WANT our lives to enrich the Kingdom we must be willing to embrace the Way of life to which He calls us.  The Good News is that His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30).

What is the secret of the easy yoke?  The purposeful, unyielding practice of living as Jesus lived, recognizing the inherent equipping power of a life in sustained, willful fellowship with the Father.  We yoke ourselves to Him in a love walk.

When we ONLY say what we hear Him say and ONLY do what we see Him do, our yoke does become easy and our burden light.

That is how Jesus was able to achieve the aim of His life (our redemption).   His manner of living in communion with His Father brought about the resolve to walk in what He knew to be right.  He disciplined Himself in order to accomplish His purpose.

And that is, perhaps, the greatest lesson we could learn.

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