What is that in your hand?

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The situation for the children of Israel was bleak. Over the course of 400 years of living in Egypt, God’s people had prospered to the extent that the king, who did not know Joseph and disregarded the way he had blessed Egypt by his interpretation of dreams and wise stewardship, was troubled by the Israelites.

Baby Moses rescued from the Nile
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He put taskmasters (chiefs of slave gangs) over them and made harsh commands as to how to deal with newborns – commanding that the boys be killed by the midwives at birth, perhaps to avoid the creation of an Israeli army. In spite of this, the Israelites flourished. The king increased his suppression.

Moses was born into this environment and experienced divine intervention as his life was spared by Pharaoh’s daughter. Later, reacting to the mistreatment of one of his Hebrew brethren, Moses killed an Egyptian – the first link in a chain of events that sent him hundreds of miles into the desert.

This is where Moses first met God. Far from the city, peacefully watching his sheep.

God challenged him to face his people and Pharaoh. Moses was unsure.

“And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The LORD hath not appeared unto thee. And the LORD said unto him, ‘What is that in thine hand?‘ And he said, ‘A rod’(Exodus 4:1-2).

“What is that in your hand?” A simple enough question. Moses, a shepherd, probably always had his rod in his hand. It had become for him, perhaps, a natural extension of his body. It defined his call and equipped him to carry it out.

But God had greater plans. “Cast it on the ground,” He said. And the rod became a serpent.

What do you have in your hand that has a greater purpose for the Kingdom? What talent, extension, or ability of yours can serve a greater purpose for God by being cast down than by being held tightly?

God let Moses pick it back up but, when he did, it had changed. Now it was a God-rod.

Superior-charge your talents, abilities, and giftings by letting God have them.

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