What Makes You Believe in God?

by Mark T. Hancock · 2 comments

The question was asked of me out-of-the-blue. And I was most surprised at how long I took to think about it.

You would think I had mastered this one – opened up a canned response and garnished it with a sprig of scripture references. I could have served up the dozens of miracles I’ve seen around the world or the hundreds of answered prayers or the testimonies of my changed life and the changed lives of so many around me. But how enticing is a canned answer?

Have you ever noticed that the Bible never defends the existence of God? It takes it for granted.  I AM WHO I AM. Bam. End of story.

I managed my way through. My response was sincere and authentic. Not canned. And it seemed to satisfy the person who had asked.

But today it hit me. At some point in the 25 years since I gave my life to Him my belief turned to love.

The evidence for me is in my love for Him. And that is hard to can or quantify or even explain. That’s why I paused. What makes me love Him?

When we have a love-walk in Him we no longer need to defend belief. That’s a given. Love trumps belief because it’s riskier. It’s higher.

Struggling with belief? His daily mercies, His never-ending faithfulness, His uncompromising love for His own, His holiness, His perfect justice, His absolute righteousness…these form the basis for your love for Him.

And the next time you are asked why you believe in Him, answer with why you love Him. Once Love is present, belief will take care of itself.

(While I was pondering this, a song by Jason Gray came on the radio. Click play at the top of the column to the right and see if this song blesses you, too.)

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Lisha Nyght September 13, 2010 at 10:47 am

Wow God is just that good to show himself to us. I was just listening to this song on the radio all through last week. Every time it came on, I turned up the volume. the fectly with the blog and words go perfectly with what’s been going on in my life.

Michael Lusk September 16, 2010 at 10:31 pm

Liked the song. Was that you doing the background vocals in the intro? I knew you were talented, but WOW! I’m speechless.

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