Why They Can’t See Jesus

by Mark T. Hancock · 1 comment

Zacchaeus’ desire (“He wanted to see who Jesus was…“) is not unlike our own desire before knowing Him – and even since. If we were to peel away the layers of distraction that are applied to each of us we could find at our core the longing to see our Father; and since Jesus is “the image of the invisible God“, He is the place to start.

When we grasp the Christ-in-you mystery, we begin to understand our real purpose here: For us to be the image of our invisible God.

True, we are not divine, neither do we have the power to remit sins, but we can reconcile and represent.

A mirror, improperly tilted, will show an unintended reflection.

Let’s get it straight so they can see Jesus.

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EMMANUEL September 1, 2010 at 11:44 pm

‎…….Christ in us is the father’s hope of HIS glory(His reflection through us).I believe that is all we need to grasp.Besides,this mystery,hidden from ages and generations has been revealed unto us…..

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