Why This Waste?

by Mark T. Hancock · 0 comments

I love the account in several of the Gospels of the woman – a sinner – who breaks an alabaster box of  an expensive oil, anointing the head of Jesus.

The indignant disciples ask, “Why this waste?”

Jesus’ response reveals both his tender awareness of the value of the gift to the woman and his consternation for the strict judgment made by His disciples.

Only He can determine the value of a thing.  And what we count as either worthless or valuable is subject to His evaluation.

Here’s the key:  Develop a personal value system that you are willing to stray from under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

One element might be, “People are more important than things”.  I think this is what Jesus may have been saying, and it would do us well to say this, too.

Q4U:  What personal values do you need to tweak so your life expresses more clearly that, “People are more important than things”?

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