Why You Can Count on Some People

by Mark T. Hancock · 0 comments

The value of currency is stable, more predictable, when it is tied to a standard.

For years the US Dollar was backed by gold.  The paper currency that we held in our hand had a corresponding amount of gold that validated the paper.  We carried the gold in a different form.

As believers, Christian believers, we carry the Presence of God.  This is a mystery.  Christ, the valuable One, is in us. We are not divine, but we are validated by the Divine.

When we act in accordance with His will we are backed because the Standard is Christ.

Without the Standard we lose our stability, which is why we can be tossed by winds of doctrine, trickery of men, and deceitful plotting.

Our marriages are strong because we build them on Him, with faith in Him, confidence in Him, and in obedience to Him.  Even in the best of marriages unstable times come; but the marriage remains intact because the Standard stays intact.  It is the same with our business dealings and our relationships (The storms come…).

People can count on us when we count on Him as our Standard, our Hope, our Everything.

Things seem a bit shaky?  Tie yourself, entwine yourself, with the Standard.  He is faithful.

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