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In our hyper-competitive society it seems there is a leaning towards every-day transactions becoming a battle, or at least a contest, that will result in a winner and a loser.

I see it over parking spaces, cash register lines, rights-of-way, government policy, purchases and, perhaps most tragic of all, debates between believers.

This most essential community, the family of God, needs to be preserved in one piece.

The concept of win-win must be held high here.

Consensus can be prized, not at the expense of what is right, but at the expense of one’s own selfish desires. And consensus can be reached in a God-honored setting that acknowledges the worth of each person in the transaction.

The disciples disputed over their own greatness and were rebuked by the Lord (Mark 9:33-37). Instead of hearing their argument He set a child in their midst, endorsing the least to deflate the notion of the great.

The expression, “When we lift one another up we make progress at the expense of no one”, is nowhere more true than in the family of God.

Take the time to lay down your self, your opinion, your preference, in favor of the glorious God-favored family.

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