Dark Motives Stirring

by Mark T. Hancock · 1 comment

Joseph needed someone to speak on his behalf as his jealous brothers conspired to kill him, an act which would rob him (and a starving generation) of God-favored destiny.

Reuben became that someone.

“But Reuben heard it, and he delivered him out of their hands, and said, ‘Let us not kill him.’” (Genesis 37:21).

More than once I have had been honored to have a  ”Reuben” – one who stands up for me in my absence – speak for me.  At other times “brothers” have sold me out in an exchange where there was no one brave enough to speak in my defense.

While having a Reuben is a blessing, being a Reuben is a step into a higher way of living.

It is easy to get drawn into gossip, lower-level group-think, or corrupt communication when, clearly, jealousy or some other dark motive is stirring.

Joining the crowd in this instance is counter-productive, as people who put down others are likely to be the ones who put you down when you are not there.

Why would I want to agree with them?

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Anonymous February 10, 2010 at 7:32 pm

Most definitely.
I remember a few years back I lived around a group of my friends and eventually gossip began to grow within our friendships and nearly ruined some of them.
It took a handful of us to stand up for everyone else to stop it from going on.

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