When Fear Sleeps In

by Mark T. Hancock · 2 comments

When we dream (awake or asleep) we go to a place that is just beyond reality.

It is there that God triumphs through us.

Just before awakening, before we come back to our senses, we are ushered back to our cell and fear patrols the hall, locking the gates, restricting each of us to our natural state.

In these cells we “live”.  Not in cells deprived of luxury, but in cells that are stocked with the amenities that appease.  Security, safety, certain and likely results.  The stuff we like – our financial plan, our insurance, our cable, our facebook, our predictable outcomes.

What if one day fear sleeps in?  What if the cell door is left unlocked and we can access our dreams and hopes unrestricted by fear?  Would we leave the cell?

I am a firm believer that Christ is the great liberatorFear has no real power over us.

We submit to fear willingly and for a reason:

It lets us live where we are.  Without challenge.  Without chance.  Without the risk that accompanies change.  But without a complete victory.

What are your dreams in Him?  Take them to Him in prayer absent the restrictions of fearIs there not a cause?

Don’t let fear restrict you.  The gate IS unlocked.  And there is One Who has gone before you to prove that He has, indeed, vanquished every foe.

Q4U:  Are you living outside the cell?

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Mary Ann Hagerty March 28, 2011 at 8:14 pm

Powerful truths!! Thank you, Pastor Mark!!

Tom Van Hoogen March 29, 2011 at 7:37 am

Mark, this is an amazing picture for those who are willing to search things out to see whether they be true or not. Yes, the gate is open and can not be closed again. It was opened by His perfect love for us. And perfect love casts out fear.

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