Do you have dreams and goals that you haven’t yet pursued?

Do you long for interaction with others who hunger to see their lives mean more?

Imagine the growth you could experience, linked with a team of folks who want to see your goals reached as they reach theirs.

AccLR8 is an eight-week experience designed to help you identify, prioritize, activate, and achieve your goals, as well as establish a Personal Pattern for Living.

Through this weekly intensive you will:
-          Create a written Personal Pattern for Living,
-          Achieve fluency in time-tested strategies for identifying and refining goals,
-          Master secrets for goal pursuit,
-          Experience encouragement from and networking with other team members,
-          Acquire valuable resources for further growth and achievement,
-          Initiate a daily plan of disciplined progress toward realizing your dreams.

Through weekly online or face-to-face conferencing sessions, you will enjoy 57 days of measurable activity on well-developed goals that can generate lifelong habits, making you more productive, focused, and alive. Christ-centered, supportive, and challenging, AccLR8 will not disappoint. It will prepare you for the new economy and culture which no longer rewards loyalty but demands a willingness to innovate and think forward.


Mark T. Hancock, MA administrates each AccLR8 group and holds several Master’s Degrees in the fields of Mental Health and Psychology. His fifteen years running a national advertising agency as well as his ministry experience conducting large-scale campaigns on five continents makes him uniquely qualified to lead others in reaching their goals—no matter how challenging.

His to-be-published book, “Why Are We Sitting Here Until We Die?,” throws down a gauntlet in the midst of a society of spectators, challenging all of us to pursue the fulfillment of the destiny to which we’ve been called.

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