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The New Gold

Would you be surprised to learn that there are greater motivators than money and prestige? Studies show that deeper motivation comes from the desire for autonomy, mastery, and purpose. I could dedicate a blog to this or you could check out Daniel Pink and learn so much more. Jesus understood the power of these motivational tools. When [...]

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The Light at the End of the Funnel

Think of a funnel. Inside the funnel is where we, being perfected by God, live and breathe. It’s where the experiences of life, the embrace of a friend, the timely scripture, the quiet encounter, the song, the Presence, the rebuke, the guy on the radio, all work together to shake, rattle and roll us toward [...]

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How Do We Show People an Invisible God?

Show them a visible you. Share:

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What is Your God Language?

There are two languages through which our theology can be spoken, and one root language. We can speak through our actions and by our fruit. But the root must be love. If our theology – what we actually believe about God – is not communicated in our actions and with corresponding fruit in love, our [...]

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How God Can Use You

The emergence of a life changed by God is the best evidence of a God Who loves us. And it’s in the acknowledgment of His work in our lives that I believe we give the highest praise. It’s evidence that He can take any adversity and use it as a seedbed for testimony. When we [...]

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