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When Fear Sleeps In

When we dream (awake or asleep) we go to a place that is just beyond reality. It is there that God triumphs through us. Just before awakening, before we come back to our senses, we are ushered back to our cell and fear patrols the hall, locking the gates, restricting each of us to our [...]

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Prayer That Works

Seems like, in Christian circles, we talk a lot about prayer.  Along with Bible Study, worship, and a few other disciplines it is heralded  as a vital organ in the Body of Believers. “Prayer without ceasing”, as Paul talked about (1 Thessalonians 5:17; Phillipians 4:6), is not burdensome prayer that separates us from the world, [...]

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When Your Strength Doesn’t Matter

The Philistines sought to find Samson’s strength, but their victory was assured when they exploited his weakness (Judges 16). It’s wonderful to recognize our strengths.   But when we begin to think that we are invincible because of them, we enter dangerous territory unless we are wide-awake to our weaknesses. After we are alert to [...]

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Missions Change the World, Starting with You

It’s remarkable to me how people setting out to change the world are deeply changed by it. There’s something about lifting our eyes and seeing the field that alters our perspective on our own life. Mission trip after trip, whether I’ve gone myself or heard testimonies from others, I grow in suspicion over Jesus’ motivation [...]

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Faith and Uncertainty

The Greatness of God in us demands our highest level of living, which means our faith progress is a vertical process. If we consider uncertainty as a wall that restricts our progress, we can view our faith as a ladder.  In an intentional effort of our will resting on our absolute confidence in Him, we [...]

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