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Breaking the Arrow of Fear

Lord, I confess that I haven’t always fully put my confidence in You. But now I know that, having been justified by faith, I have peace with You through my Lord Jesus Christ[i]. Because You are my God and You are with me, Your peace is with me[ii]. How can I be afraid when You [...]

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Breaking the Arrow of Shame

Lord, I have sinned against You. I was condemned to eternal death because Your Word says the soul that sins shall die[i]. And the wages of sin is death[ii]. Because I was condemned,[iii] I was separated from Your presence[iv]. I could not approach You without guilt and shame. Now I understand that Jesus died in [...]

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Breaking the Arrow of Blame

Thank You, Lord, for paying the price of my rebellion. It was a price I couldn’t pay. You made Yourself an offering for my sins[i]. You became the accused for me and showed me how to rise above accusation and to walk in love. You took the arrows of blame and accusation that were due [...]

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