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The Light at the End of the Funnel

Think of a funnel. Inside the funnel is where we, being perfected by God, live and breathe. It’s where the experiences of life, the embrace of a friend, the timely scripture, the quiet encounter, the song, the Presence, the rebuke, the guy on the radio, all work together to shake, rattle and roll us toward [...]

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On the “Brood of Vipers” and Facebook Etiquette

Jesus spoke pretty straight to some folks, calling groups of them “brood of vipers” or “of your father the devil.” And God spoke to others, directly or through angels, calling them up to something higher with proclamations like, “mighty man of valor” to a man hiding in a wine-press. Or with a call to do [...]

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What Secret About You is Hidden in Your Encouragement?

My wife and I were talking about the power of affirmation and encouragement. A sincere, sensitively-timed, spirit-led word of affirmation can make a tremendous difference.   And understanding the secret behind our affirmations can make a tremendous difference in us. When we point out in someone else what we believe God sees in them it can [...]

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Brought to Christ. Hell or High-water?

We can’t take our role as reconcilers too seriously.  The question is, how do we best go about reconciling others to Christ? Some choose to point out the sin of others and command that they become right with God or else they will suffer eternally.  I am sure this is true.  Perhaps they will see [...]

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Opening Your Mouth (or Posting Your Status)

Recently I landed on the facebook pages of a few sons of the man who led me to the Lord. Their father and I were everyday friends 30+ years ago, but years and distances have parted us even though the fondness and friendship remains. I was curious about this window into Kregg’s current life, and [...]

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