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Faith Your Fears

As 21st century Americans we are capable of living our lives 99% faith-free as most of our needs–from food to medical care–are met without requiring faith, for the most part. In challenging times we get the chance to flex our spiritual muscle.  Surely it is clumsy and awkward at first, but we can trust that [...]

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Beyond Our Own Strength

When we accomplish things for the Kingdom in our own strength we are recognized for our own strength, talent, or ability. We get the glory.

When we, by faith, accomplish things beyond our own strength, God is glorified.

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Why Your Faith Stand Didn’t Stand

I know of people who have been disappointed after having stood in faith for a particular outcome that didn’t come. Their faith never faltered, as far as I know, and I am sure that God didn’t fail them. What I have concluded is that there is an underlying faith on which our faith stands; and [...]

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Why God Won’t Answer Your Prayer

I believe that there are primarily two types of prayer that we can be sure God won’t answer: 1)  Prayer asking God to do what he has already done, and 2)  Prayer asking God to do what He has already told us to do. In a public setting, it seems like we spend about 90% [...]

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Faith and Uncertainty

The Greatness of God in us demands our highest level of living, which means our faith progress is a vertical process. If we consider uncertainty as a wall that restricts our progress, we can view our faith as a ladder.  In an intentional effort of our will resting on our absolute confidence in Him, we [...]

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