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The New Gold

Would you be surprised to learn that there are greater motivators than money and prestige? Studies show that deeper motivation comes from the desire for autonomy, mastery, and purpose. I could dedicate a blog to this or you could check out Daniel Pink and learn so much more. Jesus understood the power of these motivational tools. When [...]

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When Fear Sleeps In

When we dream (awake or asleep) we go to a place that is just beyond reality. It is there that God triumphs through us. Just before awakening, before we come back to our senses, we are ushered back to our cell and fear patrols the hall, locking the gates, restricting each of us to our [...]

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4 Lethal Enemies to Effective Decision-making

Whether you are contemplating an extreme course adjustment that effects the rest of your life, or you are just thinking about what to do today, you are involved in the process of decision-making. The satisfied soul, a clear mind, clean hands, and a pure heart will give you the best atmosphere to hear and do [...]

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Jesus built quite a team. His disciples (and, later, Paul and others) had a variety of strengths, but shared a common goal. Many times we see organizations develop based on “like-kindedness”, but “like-mindedness” is a better environment for success. Identify your strengths and develop them. Pray about your purpose and clarify it. Then team up [...]

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"Yes – but it is not I!"

Image via Wikipedia The story is told of Augustine, after his conversion, passing a former mistress on the street. The mistress, in an attempt to lure him, said, “Augustine! It is I!”. Augustine’s response, without even stopping, was, “Yes – but it is not I!” “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new [...]

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