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We May Not Have It All Together, but…

…together we have it all. I am in awe of the gentle leading of the Spirit of God in our lives when we submit to His Call and endeavor to follow after His purposes. He perfectly crafts our place and orchestrates the symphony that is His Body in action on this earth. He brings people [...]

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Jesus built quite a team. His disciples (and, later, Paul and others) had a variety of strengths, but shared a common goal. Many times we see organizations develop based on “like-kindedness”, but “like-mindedness” is a better environment for success. Identify your strengths and develop them. Pray about your purpose and clarify it. Then team up [...]

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The Path of the Just

To think that I could have said to my then-Toddler sons (assuming I was wise enough to know), “You are going to be such-and-such when you grow up. That’s all for now,” is an outlandish thought. The daily walk with them as we uncover, together, their talents and passions, likes and dislikes, failures and successes [...]

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