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Beyond Our Own Strength

When we accomplish things for the Kingdom in our own strength we are recognized for our own strength, talent, or ability. We get the glory.

When we, by faith, accomplish things beyond our own strength, God is glorified.

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Why You Can Count on Some People

The value of currency is stable, more predictable, when it is tied to a standard. For years the US Dollar was backed by gold.  The paper currency that we held in our hand had a corresponding amount of gold that validated the paper.  We carried the gold in a different form. As believers, Christian believers, [...]

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When Your Strength Doesn’t Matter

The Philistines sought to find Samson’s strength, but their victory was assured when they exploited his weakness (Judges 16). It’s wonderful to recognize our strengths.   But when we begin to think that we are invincible because of them, we enter dangerous territory unless we are wide-awake to our weaknesses. After we are alert to [...]

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The Fearlessness of Divine Trust

God, fully-aware that He had created man in an environment already occupied by his enemy, never warned Adam that the serpent was coming to deceive Eve. Could it be that He had trusted Adam to do the right thing? There’s an awesome fearlessness in this trust that we see again thousands of years later in [...]

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