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What Makes You Believe in God?

The question was asked of me out-of-the-blue. And I was most surprised at how long I took to think about it. You would think I had mastered this one – opened up a canned response and garnished it with a sprig of scripture references. I could have served up the dozens of miracles I’ve seen [...]

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Guest Writer Bryan Davis and “The Hero Door”

Bryan Davis is the author of Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Echoes from the Edge, three series filled with fantasy, adventure, and mystery suitable for your entire family. I met Bryan at a Writer’s Conference where we swapped “leaving the gate” stories and he graciously agreed to share his with you here. [...]

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Brought to Christ. Hell or High-water?

We can’t take our role as reconcilers too seriously.  The question is, how do we best go about reconciling others to Christ? Some choose to point out the sin of others and command that they become right with God or else they will suffer eternally.  I am sure this is true.  Perhaps they will see [...]

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What Do These Stones Mean to You?

When Israel crossed the Jordan under Joshua’s leadership (Joshua 3) it was a significant landmark for the people of God. To remind them of this event, God instructed Joshua to have one man from each tribe take a stone from the Jordan and bring it to where they were lodging, with the instruction, “…when your [...]

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“There is Only One Mediator!”

Yesterday I was in court as part of a civil proceeding. The bailiff asked the court to rise as the judge entered and took her seat at the bench.  After a quick look around the courtroom at the lawyers, plaintiffs and defendants gathered to resolve disputes, she declared, “There is only one mediator!” I wanted [...]

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