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Guest Writer Bryan Davis and “The Hero Door”

Bryan Davis is the author of Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Echoes from the Edge, three series filled with fantasy, adventure, and mystery suitable for your entire family. I met Bryan at a Writer’s Conference where we swapped “leaving the gate” stories and he graciously agreed to share his with you here. [...]

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The Path of the Just

To think that I could have said to my then-Toddler sons (assuming I was wise enough to know), “You are going to be such-and-such when you grow up. That’s all for now,” is an outlandish thought. The daily walk with them as we uncover, together, their talents and passions, likes and dislikes, failures and successes [...]

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Expectation in transition

There is a certain amount of anxiety in transition but, whether chosen or thrust upon us, our seasons of transition do not take God by surprise. When we live surrendered to Him, our life is His – which means that change is gonna’ come. It is inevitable. And as agents of change He will use [...]

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