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Dark Motives Stirring

Joseph needed someone to speak on his behalf as his jealous brothers conspired to kill him, an act which would rob him (and a starving generation) of God-favored destiny. Reuben became that someone. “But Reuben heard it, and he delivered him out of their hands, and said, ‘Let us not kill him.’” (Genesis 37:21). More [...]

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Guest Writer Bryan Davis and “The Hero Door”

Bryan Davis is the author of Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Echoes from the Edge, three series filled with fantasy, adventure, and mystery suitable for your entire family. I met Bryan at a Writer’s Conference where we swapped “leaving the gate” stories and he graciously agreed to share his with you here. [...]

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A Short Lesson in Finding God

We live at the end of a road on a dirt circle that is about a mile around. Awhile back, after working on taxes all morning, I decided I wanted to change my mindset and wash the debits and credits away with a walk before I went to pick up my boys from school. I [...]

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Why You Can Count on Some People

The value of currency is stable, more predictable, when it is tied to a standard. For years the US Dollar was backed by gold.  The paper currency that we held in our hand had a corresponding amount of gold that validated the paper.  We carried the gold in a different form. As believers, Christian believers, [...]

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The Fearlessness of Divine Trust

God, fully-aware that He had created man in an environment already occupied by his enemy, never warned Adam that the serpent was coming to deceive Eve. Could it be that He had trusted Adam to do the right thing? There’s an awesome fearlessness in this trust that we see again thousands of years later in [...]

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