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How to Win Every Time

Perspective is key in trying times.  And worship, along with the declaration of His victory in our lives, realigns us with His purposes and sets everything right. By turning our hearts toward Him, we confirm our faith in His plan and our current condition loses its grip on our emotions.  We enter a realm where [...]

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How Can I…?

God’s people were suffering under a siege, of sorts. The Midianites, Amalekites and others had Gideon and the rest of the Israelites pinned up in the mountains, their frequent and plunderous raids driving God’s people to dens, caves, and strongholds. Reeling from generations of on-again off-again roller-coaster service and non-service to God, the Israelites cried [...]

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What Do These Stones Mean to You?

When Israel crossed the Jordan under Joshua’s leadership (Joshua 3) it was a significant landmark for the people of God. To remind them of this event, God instructed Joshua to have one man from each tribe take a stone from the Jordan and bring it to where they were lodging, with the instruction, “…when your [...]

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“There is Only One Mediator!”

Yesterday I was in court as part of a civil proceeding. The bailiff asked the court to rise as the judge entered and took her seat at the bench.  After a quick look around the courtroom at the lawyers, plaintiffs and defendants gathered to resolve disputes, she declared, “There is only one mediator!” I wanted [...]

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No Record of Wrongs

1 Corinthians 13, often called “the love chapter”, is a favorite of many.  I encourage you to click on the link and read this short but powerful chapter. In speaking of love, the NIV translates part of verse 5 as, “it (love) keeps no record of wrongs”. Recognizing that His mercies are new every morning, [...]

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