Image via Wikipedia Years ago, when my wife was an insurance adjuster, she would wear a pager. Remember those? Certain weeks the rotation required her “on call” status, which meant that any after-hours insurance claims emergencies would be handled by her. During these times we were occupied with an awareness that, at any moment, she [...]

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Beyond Our Own Strength

When we accomplish things for the Kingdom in our own strength we are recognized for our own strength, talent, or ability. We get the glory.

When we, by faith, accomplish things beyond our own strength, God is glorified.

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It is Written But it is Useless, Unless…

We may pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Word and our ability to cite scripture; certainly an understanding of the Word of God is one of the most valuable things we can attain. But when Jesus stated, “It is written” in response to the temptation of our shared enemy, the power wasn’t in the [...]

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Lies About You

Jerusalem was rife with drama as the Man was brought before the authorities.  False accusations and lies were thrust at Him, “But Jesus kept silent.” ————————————————————————– Defending one’s self has become somewhat of a right. Much of the time our words are used to create, correct, or restore our own public image.  It can be [...]

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10 Things About the Lion

“He’s not a tame lion.” Those words from C.S. Lewis’  “The Chronicles of Narnia” go far to express the futility in caging Christ. Paul’s letter to the Colossians requires that we maintain our perspective on His Majesty.  In six verses Paul says of Jesus, 1)  He is the image of the invisible God, 2)  He [...]

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