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0 comments is dedicated to drawing believers out of a casual relationship into a full, active and vibrant relationship with God.

I want to see people let go of their secure “place at the gate” and embrace the spectacular life that comes with partnering with God in big Kingdom business.

Do you have something to say about “leaving the gate”? Will you share your story with us?

Submit a guest column.

If you are interested, here’s the scoop:

Submission Guidelines

  • Your article should range from 300-750 words.
  • Your post can be an adaptation (not a complete reprint) of an article you’ve posted on your personal blog at least six months ago (I cannot accept articles previously published on commercial sites, on other people’s blogs, or in magazines/newspapers).
  • Your article should encourage people to step out of their comfort zone; or it can be a testimony of your having stepped out of something that had become ordinary, placing your faith in God, and triumphing in the process.  I’m thinking of a friend who left banking to work in an orphanage in Guatemala, or another who finally wrote the book he always wanted to write.
  • It would be nice if your article included practical action steps readers can use.  And scripture is just about mandatory.
  • Carefully edit your article for correct grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • Include up to two links in your byline (i.e. a link to your blog and another to your Twitter or Facebook account).
  • If possible, include a low-res (72 dpi), good-quality headshot of yourself. I may or may not use it depending on other art I might have that would work.

E-mail your post as a Word attachment to  In the Subject line, put Guest Post Submission for

I will acknowledge receipt of your post via e-mail, usually within 48 hours, and will let you know whether your post has been accepted for publication.

Here are posts from a few people who went before you:

  • Guest Writer Danny Wallace with “Just Say the Words”
  • Guest Writer Bryan Davis and “The Hero Door”
  • Guest Blogger Courtney JnBaptiste on Uncertainty
  • Guest Blogger Rebeca Seitz, On Leaving the Gate
  • (Guidelines adapted from Laura Christianson, aka The Blogging Barista, who owns Blogging Bistro (, a Seattle-based social media marketing company.)

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